Person-Market Fit

We as an industry talk a lot about product-market fit ?

But not a lot about person-market fit ? the fit between you and what the world wants

Ryan Hoover suggested this Chris Dixon’s post on founder/market fit, where Chris says (bolding added):

Founders need to be brutally honest with themselves. Good entrepreneurs are willing to make long lists of things at which they are have no ability. I have never built a sales team. I donโ€™t manage people well. I have no particular knowledge of what college students today want to do on the internet. I could go on and on about my deficiencies. But hopefully being aware of these things helps me focus on areas where I can make a real contribution and also allows me to recruit people that complement those deficiencies.

This *is* a good post โ€” make a long list of things at which you have no ability, be honest ?

That doesn’t mean put down the guitar! It means:
– become the best damn guitarist, or
– make it possible for more guitarists to succeed, or
– teach the next best damn guitarist

Just be honest in each area ๐Ÿ™‚